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URBio is a computer framework supporting the planning of urban systems. It enables the user to handle advanced optimization techniques via a simple and intuitive interface. By exploring alternative urban configurations in parallel coordinates, the user can input preferences to generate new appropriate solutions. In the background, optimization techniques and mathematical programming models of the urban and energy systems are used to generate and evaluate these solutions.

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URBio demonstration

An interactive demonstration is available, in which the parallel coordinates interface can be used to explore existing results.

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URBio is a collaborative project involving multiple partners. Click below to see the full team, list of partners and credits.

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CINERGY is a European funded FP7 Marie-Curie research project, covering the topics of urban energy modeling and simulation.

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The IPESE lab focuses on energy system engineering for efficient use and reuse of energy. It is based at EPFL, in Sion, Switzerland.

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EIFER is a research institute devoted to energy and the environment. It is based in Karlsruhe, Germany.